How to get from the airport to the apartments

Taxi and local operators (Uber-Cabify):

Transfers between the airport and the city, or vice versa, are based on the so-called “Airport Flat Rate”. This rate is applied by all taxi companies and does not have surcharges for additional services such as the number of bags or suitcases, initial fare, departures from the Santa Justa train station in Seville, or other factors that affect the fare, such as weekends or nighttime hours. However, if the service is requested by phone, the fare will be increased by the amount indicated by the taximeter to reach the passenger’s location.

The taxi ride from Seville Airport to the city center takes approximately 15 minutes, depending on traffic. The price varies from €25 on weekdays during daytime hours to €28 at night. (updated to September 2023). There are also special rates for Holy Week and the fair, which are around €35.

Both Uber and Cabify operate in the city, but you will need to have the app installed and check the fare at that moment, as it varies depending on demand.


The EA (Airport Link) bus line connects the airport with the city center. Buses depart every 30 minutes; please confirm the schedule on their website. The journey takes about 35 minutes, and the ticket price is around €5 per trip. Tickets can be purchased on the bus. The local urban services management company, Tussam, provides more information on its website.

Private transfer services:

The easiest option for hassle-free transportation from Seville Airport to your accommodation is to book a private transfer. This way, a driver will be waiting for you with a sign bearing your name when your flight lands. Please contact us to help you arrange this service. Let us know what you need via our email:

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