Flamenco fashion in Seville, the Top designers

Flamenco fashion is much more than just clothing in Seville. It is a cultural expression rooted in the history and traditions of Andalusia, which comes to life in a special way during the celebrated Feria de Abril. Each year, this festival welcomes thousands of visitors who are captivated by the beauty and charm of the flamenco dresses, which are true works of art in themselves.

History and Evolution

Flamenco fashion has its roots in Andalusian folklore and dates back centuries. Originally, flamenco dresses were associated with the working classes and were characterized by their simplicity and functionality. However, over time, flamenco fashion has evolved to become a sophisticated and elegant expression of Andalusian cultural identity.
In the 19th century, with the rise of fairs and popular festivals in Andalusia, flamenco dresses began to gain greater importance and elaboration. Details such as frills, lace, embroidery, and high-quality fabrics were added, transforming the dresses into high couture pieces.

Designers and Current Trends

Today, flamenco fashion is a thriving and vibrant market in Seville, with a wide variety of designers offering styles ranging from traditional to avant-garde. Rocio Peralta, Rocio Olmedo, Pol Nuñez, Vicky Martín Berrocal, Lina, and Pilar Vera are just a few of the prominent names in the world of flamenco fashion in the city.
Current flamenco fashion designs incorporate a wide range of colors, patterns, and cuts, allowing each woman to find a dress that suits her personal style. Frills, long or puffed sleeves, pronounced necklines, and flared skirts are common features in many contemporary flamenco dresses.

La Feria de Abril: The Catwalk of Flamenco Fashion

La Feria de Abril is the most important event of the year in Seville and serves as the ultimate catwalk for flamenco fashion. During this week of celebration, the city is filled with colorful flamenco dresses that dazzle visitors with their beauty and elegance.
Each day of the fair is an opportunity to wear a new dress, and women strive to choose the perfect design that allows them to stand out in the crowd. From classic white dresses with polka dots to the most modern and daring creations, the variety of styles on display is impressive.

Accessories and Complements

In addition to the dresses themselves, accessories play an important role in flamenco fashion. Manila shawls, which are authentic jewels if they are vintage, fans, coral necklaces and earrings, combs, and flowers are essential elements that complete the flamenco look and add a touch of elegance and sophistication.


The countdown to the Feria de Abril has begun, marking the start of the strongest season for flamenco fashion, so if you are thinking of getting a dress, now is the time.
Among the most popular and trendsetting designers in Seville are: Rocio Olmedo, Rocio Peralta, Delia Núñez, and designers Lourdes Montes and Rocio Terry with their brand Miabril.


Flamenco fashion in Seville, the Top designers - Tree Triana
High waists and mini frills on the skirts are the hallmark of Rocio Olmedo, who always proposes elegant flamenco silhouettes, full of details, and dressed in cheerful colors.

Shop and workshop ☎️607159921
C/ Fernando IV ,6 41011 Sevilla


Flamenco fashion in Seville, the Top designers - Tree Triana
A designer who carries her roots as a banner, combining classic elements of flamenco fashion with completely modern ones… the inspiration of flamenco and bullfighting can be appreciated in her designs. She offers designs in high-quality fabrics, for both women and girls. Her collections are usually noted for their great colorfulness.

The brand offers a wide range of shawls, made entirely by hand.

C/ Muñoz Olive 7 Sevilla



Flamenco fashion in Seville, the Top designers - Tree Triana
Known for continually reinventing themselves, they offer dresses of different characteristics that adapt to current trends. They create collections full of color and light that perfectly fit the female body.

Walk-around dresses for fairs, dance clothes, dresses for pilgrimages, and multiple flamenco accessories can be found in this shop, which in addition to a physical store in Seville, also has an online store.

Calle Valparaíso 18 – 41013 Sevilla

+34 687 89 24 88 // info@delianunez.com


Flamenco fashion in Seville, the Top designers - Tree Triana
Lourdes Montes and Rocio Terry propose a collection in which disorderly frills with a lot of movement are the dominant note. Low waists to highlight the figure, with long sleeves and detailed cuffs.


C/ Virgen de Fuensanta 10, Sevilla 41011


Finding a flamenco dress that fits all budgets is becoming easier, as there are many stores and spaces that present flamenco fashion collections in a low-cost version.
Searching for those brands or spaces that offer the possibility of acquiring a cheap flamenco dress does not have to mean wearing a design that is not trendy, far from it. There are several possibilities to wear a beautiful flamenco dress and not have to spend a lot of money on it.


Located in the Remedios neighborhood and in Mairena del Aljarafe, this store offers the best looks for everyday and big events at quite an affordable price. In addition, Garbo has a wide range of flamenco dresses, small shawls, and accessories at quite affordable prices. On their Instagram profile, they share all the novelties.

  • C/Virgen de Loreto 23, (Seville)
  • C/Virgen Del Valle 42 (Seville)
  • C/ Campo Alegre 80 (Mairena del Aljarafe).

Also located in the Remedios neighborhood, this small store, in addition to a wide range of everyday and event garments, adds a range of flamenco dresses for all tastes and all prices (also for girls and adults) during the fair season, as well as handmade accessories, among which earrings stand out.

  • Calle Virgen de la Victoria, 14.

Concha Vega
In this store, customers can find a wide variety of flamenco dresses, fabrics, colors, and sizes for a modest price starting at 90 euros, it’s a good option when it comes to wearing an impeccable flamenco dress without investing too much money in it. Both in the store and on the web, customers can see the accessories available: flowers, small shawls, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and much more.

  • Plaza de Peñaflor (Triana).

El duende de Sevilla
Here the flamenco dresses for women start from 120€, there are also for girls and the price varies between 40 euros and 100 euros, depending on the size. As for the ladies’ dresses, there is a variety of models, prints, cuts, and sizes. They also have a wide assortment of accessories, accessories, and footwear for the occasion.

Cristina Molina

They don’t have an exact point of sale, but they travel around Seville, Madrid, and Córdoba to attend to their customers in some multi-brand spaces. With quite simple and timeless designs, very much in line with what is later seen in fairs and pilgrimages, the flamenco dresses of Cris Molina also usually have a quite affordable price. On her Instagram profile, they inform about the places they are in and how to make an appointment.

Doña Macu

Small shawls, flamenco dresses, accessories. Affordable proposals that follow the season’s trends but also play with timelessness to ensure the durability of the flamenco dress.

  • Calle Real, 87 (Castilleja de la Cuesta).

Dña Ana
In the Galerías Madrid stores, with elegant and very timeless designs that you can combine with their many and colorful small shawls. Depending on the sizes, you can find them from 150eur.

Rental Options for Flamenco Dresses, Flowers, and Accessories:

Flamenco fashion is constantly evolving. Adapting to women’s needs and tastes to reach those flamenco fashion trends that we see year after year on the catwalks.
As a novelty in the sector, we find the online service for the purchase of flamenco dresses and now the burgeoning service of flamenco dress rental.

With a methodology quite similar to the rental service of other types of garments, renting a flamenco dress is a very useful novelty for those who do not live in Seville and do not want to make a flamenco dress for just one day, for those who do not have the budget to wear a new dress or for those who are clear that what they wear this year they will not wear anymore.

A very sustainable and affordable way to bring flamenco fashion to everyone, the flamenco dress rental service in Seville is available in three different companies and with a quite similar dynamic. In addition, these companies not only allow renting the design but also give the option to rent out the flamenco dresses you no longer use and thus be able to monetize them.

Among all, BeFlamenca stands out, it is an online platform where you can rent or rent out your flamenco dresses. In a very intuitive, comfortable, and simple way, you can choose from a wide range of flamenco dresses, even choosing the days you want to have the flamenco dress. In addition, if you have dresses that you don’t use, you can fill out a form on their website, send the photographs of your flamenco dresses and, if they are accepted, you can get up to 35% with each rental.


Alpagui started with the flamenco dress rental service about 10 years ago. They have a wide catalog of dresses and accessories. You can filter by size, color, sleeves… In addition, they have a size guide and advice to adjust the dress to your exact measurements. You can rent the flamenco dress from 100 euros.


Another platform for the flamenco dress rental service is Ponme Flamenca is a digital platform that offers users the possibility to rent the flamenco dress or to rent it out. On the platform, in addition to the size guide and advice, there is a price and days table so you know from the first moment how much money you can enjoy the service, being 95 euros the most economical option.


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