Where to eat in the Arenal neighborhood


The neighborhood is to the west of the city, on the riverbank between the Torre del Oro and the old Puerta de Triana. It is an area of culture and tradition, where one enjoys opera, theater, bullfighting, brotherhood sentiment, and typical city restoration.

In the past, it was an area covered in sand that lay outside the walled zone of the city. It was the port area through which all the new products arriving from the Indies after the discovery of America entered the city.

In the Arenal, there are also the Arco del Postigo, a mythical place in the city, and the El Postigo Craft Market. In addition to the best tapas bars in Arenal, it is important to note that the Plaza de toros de La Maestranza in Seville is located in this neighborhood on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. With the same name, there is the Teatro de la Maestranza, where you can enjoy musical shows, dance, opera, and theater.

Arenal and the world of bullfighting are two things that always go hand in hand, especially considering that this neighborhood houses the bullring “La Maestranza” and is an exceptional area to enjoy tapas in the city.

Bar El Baratillo (calle Adriano, 20)

Where to eat in the Arenal neighborhood - Tree Triana
Spacious restaurant with two halls dedicated to Sevillian passion, bulls, and the tradition of southern Spain. With traditional decor featuring bull heads everywhere, wooden ceilings, and good tapas. Good quality-price ratio. Star dish: bull meat and also notable are their homemade cakes.

Petit Comité (calle dos de Mayo, 30)

The place is very pleasant, and here you can taste unusual flavors such as gin and tonic on a plate. Among their dishes, their delicious croquettes, the octopus with truffled parmentier and egg yolk stand out.

Bodeguita Antonio Romero (calle Gamazo,16)

Highly recommended for tapas. The cuttlefish, the seasoned potatoes, and the shrimp potato salad are to die for, but nothing compared to one of their star dishes: the piripi montadito.

La Brunilda (calle galera, 5)

Among their tapas, the croquettes or the Idiazábal cheese risotto with mushrooms stand out.

Bodeguita Romero (calle harinas, 10)

Good prices and a very extensive menu with fried foods, cold cuts, meats, or cold tapas. The star tapa is the pringá.

Casa Pepe Hillo (calle Adriano, 24)

Decoration inspired by Parisian salons of the last century, with iron and wood beams, French lamps, and collections of old books. Located in the old Casa de las Moscas in Seville, we can say that Casa Pepe Hillo is also one of the best tapas bars in Arenal, Seville. Traditional tapas, good prices.

El Favorito (calle Joaquín Guichot, 5)

Tavern with traditional cuisine. They start with breakfast at 8 a.m. Among their wide variety, the acorn-fed ham sliced on the spot, a tortilla pincho, or cold cuts from the Sierra Norte de Sevilla, served on mollete bread, stand out.

Where to eat in the Arenal neighborhood - Tree Triana
Among their tapas: Mojama de tuna from Barbate, pork crackling from Cádiz, spicy Iberian chorizo, and sheep cheese in lard, among others. They serve it on butcher paper. Among their fried dishes: cuttlefish, homemade adobo, and anchovies. Of their montaditos the shrimp with alioli, the serranito, or the iconic mantecaíto stand out. Stews like spinach with chickpeas, tuna with onions, gazpacho with hard-boiled egg and ham, pork sirloin with whiskey sauce, etc.

Where to eat in the Arenal neighborhood - Tree Triana
BARTOLOMEA RESTO & GRILL (Calle Pastor y Landero nº10)

Where to eat in the Arenal neighborhood - Tree Triana
In this market cuisine restaurant, especially in meats and grilled fish. One of their star dishes is the grilled veal tenderloin with truffled potato puree and mushroom soil.

COTIDIANO (Calle López de Arenas, 2)

Where to eat in the Arenal neighborhood - Tree Triana

Restaurant where you eat well at a medium price. Among the house specialties are tuna tartare with foie shavings, beef steak tartar, pickled quail salad with pears, and potato salad. The desserts are homemade, and among them, they recommend trying the lemon mousse with caramelized almonds.

EL CAIRO (Calle Reyes Católicos, 13)

Where to eat in the Arenal neighborhood - Tree Triana
Restaurant on the corner of Reyes Católicos with Pastor y Landero. Among their tapas, monkfish bonbon stuffed with mushrooms and shrimp au gratin with mint mayonnaise stands out.

EL PESQUERO (C/ Pastor y Landero, s/n. Mercado Del Arenal)

Where to eat in the Arenal neighborhood - Tree Triana

Inside the Arenal market, you can find this restaurant with the freshest seafood products from sea to table.

JAIME ALPRESA (Calle Adriano, 16)

Where to eat in the Arenal neighborhood - Tree Triana
Jaime Alpresa is one of those restaurants with history. On its walls coexist art, flamenco, and joy. In its kitchen, the traditional flavors, fresh products, and careful preparations. They opt for unpretentious dishes, but cooked with exquisite taste. The cheek stew, gazpacho, battered dogfish, or spinach with chickpeas are some of the most requested dishes on the menu.

LA ISLA (Calle Arfe, 25)

Where to eat in the Arenal neighborhood - Tree Triana

The La Isla restaurant, located in the center of Seville, between the Cathedral and the Plaza de Toros, is one of the most traditional restaurants in the city. It bases its activity on offering the highest quality in a wide menu composed of fish, seafood, meats, and rice from all over Spain. As is its varied and extensive wine list and its homemade desserts.

PAPIRUSA (C/Antonia Díaz, 9)

Where to eat in the Arenal neighborhood - Tree Triana
Papirusa is an elegant yet relaxed place with very Andalusian touches. In this restaurant in Seville, they offer a very varied menu with high-quality products, cooked with great care, and a wine list among the most complete in Seville.

They have weekly suggestions with seasonal dishes that change very often. You can taste traditional dishes such as Iberian pork cheeks in red wine, or shrimp and pistachio carpaccio with kemche mayonnaise, as well as their famous Galician clams cooked with “manzanilla Papirusa” or Iberian acorn-fed tartar.

MANOLO MAYO (Calle Reyes Católicos, 4)

The menu features most of the classic dishes and the great successes of Manolo Mayo de los Palacios, such as his famous rice dishes, layers of salted and smoked fish, homemade cod or foie, not forgetting the great protagonist of the kitchen: the tomato.

RESTAURANTE SALAS (Calle Almansa 15)

Grilled meats and fried fish. Good quality-price ratio.

EL MANIJERO (Calle Trastamara 15)

Traditional cuisine, meats, and fish.

RESTAURANTE EL MIRADOR DE SEVILLA (On the terrace of the Vincci la Rabida hotel. Calle Castelar 24)

Where to eat in the Arenal neighborhood - Tree Triana
On the terrace of the Vincci la Rabida hotel, you can enjoy, in spring and summer, spectacular views while tasting an endless array of traditional gastronomy dishes with innovative touches.

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